Lightning Protection at Cardiff University

Cardiff School of Engineering boasts some of the best facilities worldwide for lightning research and testing, supported by a highly experienced staff team.

The Morgan-Botti Lightning Laboratory is Europe's only University-led lightning research facility established in 2011 as a collaboration between Cardiff University and Airbus Group Innovations (formerly EADS). The laboratory's main research interests include measuring the direct-effects of lightning strikes on structures and samples and investigating lightning protection mechanisms for the aerospace industry.

This bespoke research facility draws upon team of staff with significant experience in lightning protection gained within the aerospace industry; the High Voltage Engineering group within Cardiff School of Engineering with its extensive research track record; and other related skills within the School of Engineering such as the Gas Turbine Research Centre and the Aerospace Research Group.

We are always happy to welcome visitors and to discuss how our capabilities can be of use to you, whether in the fields of research, testing or consultancy.


Lightning strikes over Atlanta

By David Selby (David Selby myself) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons