5th November 2016 "Electricity from Lightning" CrowdScience, BBC World Service

21 March 2016 "Students recognised by South Wales Institute of Engineers" Cardiff University

28th September 2015 "What happens when lightning strikes a plane? New research to address impact of lightning on aircraft composite materials." The Manufacturer

24th September 2015 "New £2.6 million project for Lightning Laboratory" Cardiff University

23rd September 2015 "Jo Johnson announces new funding for lightning lab" Cardiff University

23rd September 2015 "Welsh scientists to revolutionise the aerospace industry with cutting edge lightning technology", Wales Online

11th June 2015 "Cardiff researchers showcase pioneering lightning facility" Cardiff University

13th May 2015 "Cardiff's Lightning Lab stars on Canada's top science show" Cardiff University

3rd April 2015 "Lightning strikes two planes over Washington" The Telegraph

22nd May 2014 "What happens when lightning hits an aeroplane?" The Telegraph

19th March 2014 "The extreme tests planes go through before taking off" BBC Future

24th February 2013 "Welsh lightning lab goes down a storm with aircraft makers" Wales Online

24th January 2013 - Laboratory Featured on CNN Business Traveller    
CNN(1)  CNN(2)  CNN(3)  Video (start at 2:30 mins)

18th July 2012 - Morgan-Botti Lightning Laboratory Featured on BBC News "'Lightning Lab' tests aim to make modern planes safer"   BBC   Cardiff University

16th May 2012 - "Should you be worried about lightning striking your plane?" Prof. A Haddad Interviewed for The Guardian

13th October 2011 - Morgan-Botti Lightning Laboratory Opening Ceremony Vimeo YouTube BBC