Lightning: An invisible driver of tree mortality in the tropics?
Sponsor: NERC
Investigator(s): Haddad A
Project Partners: University of Exeter (lead), University of Edinburgh
PROTEction of STructures from Lightning Strikes (PROTEST)
Sponsor: InnovateUK / ATI
Investigator(s): Haddad A, Clark D, Featherston C, Eaton M, Prokopovich P
Project Partners: Airbus Group Innovations (lead), Airbus Operations, National Composites Centre, Hexcel
Characterisation of the lightning direct effects related to structural aircraft joints
Sponsor: Airbus Group Ltd
Investigator(s): Haddad A.
Dynamic capacitive sensor for the measurement of millimeter-displacement of carbon composite panels: Applications to aircraft materials subjected to lightning strike
Sponsor: SER Cymru NRN Swansea
Investigator(s): Haddad M, Mitchard D, Griffiths H, Clark D
The MBLL represents Cardiff University on Working Group 31 (Lightning) of the European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment, contributing to the development of international performance specifications and standards. Current active involvement is in the review of standard ED105 "Aircraft Lightning Test Methods"
Electro-mechanical characterisation of carbon composites (2015)
Sponsor: Ser Cymru NRN AEM Swansea
Investigators: Haddad A, Mitchard D
Ionic Mobility Testing (2014-2015)
Sponsor: Filton Systems Engineering
Project Lead: Clark D, Haddad A
GW4 Consortium (2014-2015)
Project Partners: University of Bath, University of Bristol, University of Exeter
Lightning effects on aerospace carbon composite materials, the next generation of materials and components (2013-2014)
Sponsor: Welsh Government (A4B)
Investigator(s): Haddad A, Griffiths H
Sponsor: EADS UK Ltd
Investigators: Haddad A, Setchi R
Study of electrical discharge phenomena in carbon fibre composite materials and components for aerospace applications (2010-2013)
Sponsor: EADS
Investigators: Haddad A, Griffiths H, Harid N
Visualisation of damage to carbon composite panels during lightning strikes using laser illumination and high speed camera (2010)
Sponsor: EADS
Investigator(s): Haddad A